Tyranny in City of Green Bay Pushed Back

January 26, 2024

Brown County Wisconsin, Circuit Court Judge Tammy Jo Hock handed the city of Green Bay, specifically the tyrannical clerk Celestine Jeffreys a huge loss today. The winner was Janet Angus and all those folks who have invested time and effort into election integrity.

Celistine Jeffreys had accused Janet Angus of being disorderly when on April 5th, 2022, Janet Angus had witnessed clerk Jeffreys accepting more than one absentee ballot from a voter.  Janet, knowing this was not lawful, told Jeffreys this was unlawful. Angus did this in a conversational tone of voice, she did not yell, scream, use profanity or otherwise cause any disturbance.  She simply called clerk Jeffreys out for doing something illegal.

Subsequently, Angus was charged with disorderly conduct, was tried and found guilty in the municipal court of Green Bay and ended up being convicted for statutory disorderly conduct. Ms. Angus, in addition to being a lawyer, is quite a well-known successful businesswoman in Green Bay. This bogus charge, trial, and misdemeanor conviction was harmful to Ms. Angus, so she requested a De Novo trial (De Novo is a Latin term that means “anew”, “from the beginning”).

Ms. Angus had spent thousands in legal fees in defending herself in the municipal court. About two weeks ago she reached out to Wisconsin Voter Alliance (WVA) for advice and support. We had reviewed the case and were convinced she would win in a new trial as it was our belief Ms. Angus had been singled out by Jeffreys for retribution.

Basically, WVA saw it for what it was.  The city’s attitude was, “How dare a mere mortal likes of Ms. Angus take issue with the untouchable Clerk Jeffreys!

WVA agreed to fund bringing our lawyer Erick Kaardal into the defense team for Angus, her Attorney Lee Schuchart and Erick Kaardal appeared in Judge Hock’s court and dismantled the case made by clerk Jeffreys and city Attorney Mathes. The defendant in this case was Ms. Angus.

Immediately following the plaintiff’s testimony, Judge Hock granted a motion for directed verdict. This meant the Judge had already concluded that the City of Green Bay had not met the burden to prove Ms. Angus had done anything wrong.

Further, Judge Hock indicated it was her belief that Jeffreys and the city’s case against Ms. Angus was “Retaliatory in Nature”.

The Brown County Circuit Court directed verdict is a learning moment.  Nationwide, the progressives are using prosecution and litigation for political objectives, to cancel election integrity, and to shut up political opponents.  They call it “lawfare”. But, it is Tyranny, really.  In response to Green Bay’s tyranny, Ms. Angus, WVA and others had the courage to fight backAnd we won!  Nationwide, we must combat this tyranny in the same, good way, as we did in Green Bay

Kudos to Attorney Lee Schuchart and Attorney Erick Kaardal. Both did an outstanding job in their preparation and cross examinations. Kaardal was patient in cornering Jeffreys as he had her admitting that she would handle her coaching of her own employee in the same type of voice used by Angus. She ended up saying that rather than handling a problem with her employee she would haul them off to H.R.  What a leader, sort of pitiful.

This isn’t over, I have a suspicion the City of Green Bay will be facing a suit to compensate the legal expenses for Ms. Angus and more than likely there will be other compensations made as a result of Jeffreys attempt to retaliate against someone for holding her accountable. The City of Green Bay would be doing themselves a favor if she were removed from their employment.