More Government Intervention in our Elections on Campus

February 27, 2024

One more time, the Federal Government is getting involved where they shouldn’t be.  The U.S. Department of Education has released its toolkit, see here.  U.S. Department of Education Student Voter Toolkit

At the same time this is being released the VP Harris provides information in a speech whereby college students will be paid under the Federal Work-study Program to go out and register voters and get paid by us to do it.  See Kamala Here  Research shows an undergraduate student will be paid $12.00 p/hour while a graduate student will be paid $14.00 per hour for this work.  Congress needs to step in and defund this program immediately.  This is all part of the Joe Biden 14019 executive order promoting access to voting.

This entire on campus voter registration and GOTV work by State and Federal employees and now students who are being paid needs to stop!  On Tuesday this week I sent an email that explained our filed complaint against the U of W Parkside. Quite frankly, this same complaint could be and more than likely will be filed against every campus across the state.

In that email I had included a number of links to documentation in support of our complaint. We made it quite clear in our complaint that much of the activity on our WI College campuses regarding elections activities is illegal.

This is an extremely important issue, so important that I once again provide those links here.  Pause, take a few minutes to read my declaration.  You don’t have to read the entire 280 plus pages, but the first 20 will provide you a good description and understanding of the magnitude of these on campus activities run by left leaning 501C3s.

This link takes you to the initial Parkside HAVA complaint. –  HAVA (Help America Vote Act) complaint against the U of W Parkside   This link takes you to the U of W Parkside response to our initial complaint – See Parkside response to WVA here  And, this link will take you to our answer to the response. –Ron Heuer Declaration with attachments

I also attached two PDFs providing 2022 on campus voting information that supports our claims.