Important Election Integrity Win in Racine – Deployment of Votabago was illegal

January 10, 2024

Yesterday Racine County Circuit Court Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz ruled that the Wisconsin Election’s Commission Nov 4, 2022 ruling signed by none other than Meagan Wolfe was illegal.  In that WEC ruling, WEC sided with Racine Clerk Tara McMenamin allowing Racine to deploy a mobile voting van in predominantly Democrat neighborhoods.  See ruling here

This voting van was purchased in 2020 with Zuckerbucks that flowed from Zuckerberg to CTCL to the city of Racine. Since 2020, we have referred to this van as the “Votabago”, and from the day Racine made that purchase, we found a mobile voting location was in violation of Wisconsin Statutes.

Ken Brown was the plaintiff in this case and our kudos to Ken for all the hard work he has done in Racine for election integrity!

Two very important takeaways from this ruling.

  1. This whole saga of a mobile voting van came about because of Zuckerberg money coming into the 2020 election. That is why the Apr 3, 2024 Constitutional Referendum banning outside money in our Wisconsin elections is so important.
  2. This Circuit Court ruling sends a message to any other municipality from trying to circumvent the polling location laws by deploying their own “Votabago”.