Our Work

Investigation and Litigation

We have been working diligently since September 2020 to ensure Wisconsin has equitable voting going forward. We are grateful for our relationship with the Thomas More Society who for nearly two years have provided Attorney Erick Kaardal to work with us. Initially we targeted five areas of investigation numbered below to focus on. However, since then, we’ve taken on WEC in a multitude of areas and are in various stages of investigation or litigation to effect necessary changes to our election system, those iniatives include:

  • Adjudicated Incompetents – WEC took it upon themselves to not update the voting records of thousands of voters who had been adjudiated incompetent and had lost their voting rights. There is now a fix to this problem in AB 567 that tightens up the laws surrounding WEC’s responsibilities to update on a timely basis. There have been 15K to 20K people voting who had lost their right to vote.
  • Whistleblower Protections– for clerks and other election workers to report violations of election laws without reprisal from WEC or other municipal leadership. This is addressed in AB567.
  • UOCAVA/HAVA – investigation and on-going litigation. This is related to how WEC with their affiliation with ERIC is illegally sharing personal voter data with ERIC who in-turn is sharing that data with other organizations essentially running an illegal voter registration and GOTV activity.
  • University of Wisconsin– is involved in, what we believe are illegal voting registration drives and GOTV efforts on campus. Stand by, this will get to be exciting.
  1. Money from private citizensthat ultimately change election outcomes
    We have investigated wrongdoing in the 2020 November election and have found a number of major issues that must be fixed prior to the next election. For example, the introduction of nearly $10.3 M of Zuckerberg money into Wisconsin during the 2020 election made a difference, that cannot be allowed again. The Center for Tech and Civic Life acted as the funnel for Zuckerberg to take control of our election.
  2. Wisconsin Election Commission
    The Wisconsin Election Commission (WEC) needs total overhaul. The six Commissioners need to be replaced and many of the operational staff, including Meagan Wolfe, the Administrator must be replaced. Taxpayers pay nearly $9M a year to have WEC administer our elections, and THEY ARE FAILING US!

3, Nursing Home / Elder Voter Abuse
We are currently investigating how votes of the elderly are being stolen in Wisconsin Nursing Homes and what we are finding is appalling. Elders who do not have the mental awareness or capability to vote are being voted. WEC has failed on this issue horribly and they need to be held accountable. If you are aware of a case of ELDER VOTER ABUSE, REPORT IT HERE

  1. Wisconsin Election Bribery Statute § 12.11
    We are looking very closely at the Wisconsin Election Bribery laws and is seems the activities surrounding the Zuckerbucks may have stepped over the bounds regarding the Wisconsin Election Statute § 12.11 . This is being looked at by some very good lawyers.
  2. Data Sharing
    Leading up to and during the 2020 election cycle there was an unprecedented and in some case illegal sharing of WisVote data shared with third party operatives that had no legal authority to have access as they did. We are exploring how widespread that data sharing went.

Many people have asked why we are not looking into the machines and data. We simply do not have the resources to chase that issue. To run a full forensic audit as some are requesting takes very specialized staffing and large amounts of money. We do not have either.