Our Mission

Vision Statement
To facilitate and coordinate restoration of voting integrity in the State of Wisconsin

Mission Statement
The mission of the Wisconsin Voter Alliance is to effect change to law and policies surrounding elections. We will accomplish this goal by creating multi-faceted objectives to restore voter confidence, and integrity in the election process.


  • Changing election policy and law
    • Eliminate the private money in the electoral process (Partial Success – will be completed on Apr 3, 2024 when a constitution referendum will be on the ballot.
    • Eliminate unattended ballot drop boxes – Completed,
    • Hold WEC accountable for ensuring adjudicated incompetent voters are not voting – In Process
    • Stop illegal voter registration and GOTV activities by the left on our campuses – in Process
  • Monitor elections to ensure fairness
  • Educate elected officials on election procedures and policies
    • Show where and how laws were broken in the 2020 presidential election
  • Work across the state to hold both individuals and elected officials accountable when laws are not enforced and are broken
    • Use local district attorneys who have great power
  • Work with the legislature to establish best election practices
    • Assist with model election legislation
  • Continue to build membership, the greater the number the bigger the voice