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Dec 30th, 2020

Big news from Georgia late today.

The Georgia State Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing today and at the end of that meeting there was a unanimous vote(both Dems and Republicans) by that committee forcing Georgia, for lack of better words, to have a total “forensic” review of all ballots from the Nov 3rd Presidential election. What that means is they will be looking at the physical ballot for anomalies of the paper type, source of paper, the printing type, etc. This will prove beyond a doubt that fraudulent ballots were used in the Georgia election and will open the way for other states like MI, PA, WI, AZ and NV to follow. Keep an eye on this. Here is a yahoo recording of that entire hearing

Dec 21, 2020

WVA files Preliminary Injunction with the District Court in the District of Columbia Memorandum of Preliminary Injunction 12_21_2020 This filing deals with the issue of the legislators not doing their jobs with regards to the certification of the elections in accordance with the Electors Clause of Article II of the Constitution, specifically in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona.

Dec 11th, 2020

Phil Kline, Director of the Amistad Project, Thomas Moore Society provided compelling testimony at the Wisconsin Joint Committee on Campaigns and Elections. Mr. Kline’s testimony begins at 2:31 on this video. You can see the video on our Facebook page, here- Follow this link to see Phil Kline testimony at the Madison, WI Joint Committee on Campaigns and Elections. JOINT COMMITTEE ON CAMPAIGNS AND ELECTION  Phil Kline’s testimony was the best of the day, without a doubt.  The entire testimony of the day was interesting, and what makes your stomach turn just a little is how the Democrat contingency, who largely walked out of the hearing, conducted themselves. Those Democrats who walked out of the meeting show the contempt they have for the voters of Wisconsin. Should they not have the same desire to have integrity in the entire election system?

A brief recap of the day
I arrived at the Wisconsin Capitol Friday 11 December and entered the capitol at 0940 AM & was seated in room 412 as a guest of Assemblyman Ron Tussler.  I listened to various people testifying presenting plenty of evidence and to the questions by the gathered Republican State Senators and Assembly people.  Questions that a person asks gives the listener a good indication what the level of understanding on that topic is – of the person asking questions. It was apparent to me that most of our Republican state representatives are clueless regarding the US Constitution and the powers they have under Article 2 Section 1.  Only two asked about not certifying the election.  Alberta Darling posed a question to the Assembly lawyer and framed it as follows:  There is nothing we can do to not certify the election is there – asking the lawyer who immediately replied no there is nothing. It was apparent to me that this lawyer knew nothing about the US Constitution.  It seemed to me that this lawyer had never been asked this question or anything like it before that moment.   What was quite apparent the assembled Republicans have no intention of correcting the fraudulent 2020 election but had every intention of fixing the next one, that is, if the Dems will let them, including Gov Evers. The Deputy election commissioner from Milwaukee summed up this effort to make more laws: “you can pass more laws if you want, but no one is following the laws you have on the books now and no one is enforcing them.” Our Republican majority is afraid and demonstrated ignorance about their responsibilities under the US Constitution Article 2 Section 1.  Why have our elected officials not been asking questions of knowledgeable Constitutional Scholars for the past few weeks?

Dec 10, 2020

We have filed in support of Texas with SCOTUS, Supreme Court of the United States.  I have posted those documents along with the Texas Filings on the documents page, you can view them there.

Friday, Dec 11th at 10AM, the Wisconsin Assembly Joint Committee on Campaigns and Elections are holding a hearing in Madison.  Phil Kline, Director of Amistad Project, Thomas Moore Society will be offering testimony.  His testimony is expected to begin about 12 Noon, however we will be ramped up at 11:00Am.  You can watch this live on Wisconsin Eye, here is the link to that site…. just follow the link for “Joint Committee on Campaigns and Elections”.  The testimony of others begin at 10AM and is scheduled through the day until 8PM.

There will be another filing on Monday, but that will not be with SCOTUS.  I will send that forward on Monday.
Meantime I need your help.  The Wisconsin Voter Alliance has moved from the phase of organizing to the expansion phase.  WVA needs to, now, build a stronger voice going forward in order to be heard.  Think back, if you will, to the days when the Tea Party of Wisconsin formed and how their voice was initially heard.   Then their membership grew and they became more relevant.  That is what we would like to accomplish. We will continue our quest to change the election system through litigation.  So, if you would, do these things:

Dec 8, 2020

WVA to join Texas who has filed an injunction with the Supreme Court stop the illegal certifications of the elections that occurred in several States including Wisconsin. Visit the Documents tab here to see the filing.

Dec 8, 2020

Real Clear Politics – Investigations does a great job in this article, listing by State, the fraud, and the legal actions that have been taken and the latest disposition of those actions. We have never witnessed such widespread fraud as we have experienced in this election, and this must be fixed. It seems we have the right laws, they are just not being followed and those who break them are not being punished. HTML clipboard REAL CLEAR POLITICS – INVESTIGATIONS

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Dec 4, 2020

Certainly disappointing, but, in my opinion, somewhat predictable.  The Supreme Court rejected our case with Justice Hagedorn displaying his lack of courage to deal with the illegalities displayed in our election.  The entire order is on this site under Documents.
Notice, if you will, how Justice Hagedorn describes his position initially and then in the next 5 or so paragraphs, he waffles.  He waffles because he admits the system is flawed, here are his words: “Nonetheless, I feel compelled to share a further observation. Something far more fundamental than the winner of Wisconsin’s electoral votes is implicated in this case. At stake, in some measure, is faith in our system of free and fair elections, a feature central to the enduring strength of our constitutional republic. It can be easy to blithely move on to the next case with a petition so obviously lacking, but this is sobering. The relief being sought by the petitioners is the most dramatic invocation of judicial power I have ever seen. Judicial acquiescence to such entreaties built on so flimsy a foundation would do indelible damage to every future election. Once the door is opened to judicial invalidation of presidential election results, it will be awfully hard to close that door again. This is a dangerous path we are being asked to tread. The loss of public trust in our constitutional order resulting from the exercise of this kind of judicial power would be incalculable.” There is no doubt, Wisconsin has serious issues with the election process allowing, in effect, the election to be stolen.

Dec 3, 2020

The Trump Campaign submitted a petition to the Wisconsin Supreme Court on Dec 1 challenging the November election results in WI. On Dec 3rd, the Wisconsin Supreme Court took the position that this needed to be referred to circuit court